Friday, 5 July 2013

Club Nintendo Japan website has been hacked!


This is yet another big corporation that has been affected by hackers. Nintendo confirmed a breach of security on the Japanese version of Club Nintendo website.

Kotaku reports that Nintendo noticed a unusually high number of errors occuring on the site on July the 2nd. They then launched an investigation into what had happened.

They discovered that 23,000 unauthorised log-ins were successfully made from 15m attempts between 9th of June and 4th of July.

Nintendo has said that it is possible that “members' full names, home addresses, phone numbers, and mail addresses were compromised.” The site does not contain any credit card information so that is one less of a worry for the users.

All members passwords have now been reset.

So why do you think there are so many more hackers around now than say 10 years ago? Do you think its because of the economic climate?

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