Friday, 12 July 2013

Wii U price cut by £100 at Asda!

This just shows how well the Wii U is doing in the retail sector. If you didnt know that was a sarcastic comment as it is clearly falling from the sky like a 1000 ton anvil.

Asda has taken to aggressive discount to get rid of there Wii U stock. They have slashed the price on both the Premium Edition and the Basic.

The Wii U Premium Set (which comes with Nintendoland) is now just £199, while the Basic Set is a mere £149.

The reason for them slashing it so aggressively is purely down to the fact that no one can get any decent games for the console. Big releases are few and far between what XBOX One and PS4 will get when they come to market.

The only saving grace that i can see for Nintendo in the near future is the release of Pikmin 3. When the first one came out for Gamecube it was met with gamers open arms. Hopefully this will be repeated on the newest Nintendo console.

So have you got a Wii U? If not are you tempted by the low cost price of the console now?
Let me know :)

See you next time

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