Thursday, 11 July 2013

XBOX Live price hike after dropping points!

A few testers for the new marketplace have said that they have seen price rises for the same games you can buy now! This is yet another piece of bad news for Xbox fans.

XBOX Live will abandon the points system they currently have in place to switch to real money. (Following PlayStation again it seems.)

Users have said that the update automatically converts leftover points into their local currency. This would be all good apart from the fact that it doesn't seem to strech as far as it used to.

Eurogamer's source told the site that titles previously priced at 1600MSP now cost £14.99. Before the update, 1600 points equated to £13.60.

Similar increases can be seen for games worth 1200MSP (£11.99, previously £10.20), 800MSP (£8.99, previously £6.80) and 400MSP (£4.49, previously £3.20).

Prices are also being hiked in Europe as well with games that were 1600MSP are now €19.99, 1200MSP are now €14.99, and 800MSP are now €9.99.

It could be that these are just test prices or errors during the beta. Microsoft has yet to announce a new pricing scheme, or even when the conversion will come into effect. The update is expected this autumn.

So what do you prefer? Do you like the points system or do you want to know exactly how much you are paying for a game? There are possitives for both but it does seem that Microsoft wanted to change it.

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