Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rogue Legacy Addiction!

I have recently bought this game from Steam and I can't seem to put it down! It is just soooo addictive! The randomly generated dungeons along with progressivly harder monsters just makes for a great overall experience.

Rogue Legacy is a old school style platformer in which you assume the role of a knight. Your aim of the game is to clear the castle and find the all important throne room so that you can become the rightful heir.

As you progess through the game you can spend the coins you find on upgrading your characters stats. You can also find armor and runes in chests which also add ablities to your character.

However the big twist in this game is that if you die you will loose your character forever! You can't make him/her come back to life. Instead there is a great system in which you choose a sibling which will carry on the quest for you. These siblings are divided up into classes and have different traits.

A few of my favourite traits are Dwarfism and Gigantism. As some of you might of guessed this is simply making your character smaller or bigger. Gigantism makes everything bigger for your character so your sword is twice as big which allows for better range but you can also get hit alot easier.

To make it not seem very samey (as some games do) they have added 4 different areas you have to clear before you can fight the last boss. These need to be completed in order and there is a boss in each area.

Overall I am finding it a wonderfully addictive game and one that I will be playing for a while to come. Let me know if you have played it and what you think.

Also remember that TOMORROW we will be having a big annoucement so stay tuned in :)
See you next time


  1. Sounds cool, I was a fan of the original rogue as a kid. Not sure how it'll work as a platformer though... I'll have to check it out.

  2. That's cool. I haven't played the original but this game is well worth a look.