Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Trailer

Rockstar has officially realeased its first gameplay trailer for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. You can watch the video below in HD.

In the video we see all three playable characters in full blown action and the ability to switch between these three characters. This is will be a key element it the game as you use the abilitys of each of the characters to act out your heists.

We also see vast environments which almost seem real and as always a range of things to do. They have also shown the ability to customize your cars and of course your characters in what ever you want.

Guns, cars, babes, what more do you want from a trailer?

I am very excited to eventually be able to play it when it gets released on the 17th of September.
What do you think of the trailer? 

See you next time :)

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